Modify your preload setting in Windows



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Windows by default has a a preloading function for applications and startup files. With it, you gain a lot of speed on when loading your system and running programs.

Tweak Prefetch lets you modify your preloading options on Windows easily and quickly from a simple interface. The two preloading options that can be changed are Prefetch and Superfetch.

Prefetch is the preloading function on Windows XP. It takes care of saving information about all kinds of different applications in order to partially preload them in your memory. In principle its benefit is clear, but for whatever reason you might not always want to preload all your system applications.

Superfetch is a the preloading feature for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Superfetch takes into account both the information compiled by running applications and how often the applications are used. However, the use of a hard drive might make this too intense.

By adjusting the necessary parameters in TweakPrefetch you can adapt both functions to your needs, making sure to always keep in mind how much of a performance loss you get as a result.

The Clear Prefetch and Rebuild Layout.ini functions are for advanced users who are willing to risk their system stability in exchange for restarting their gathering of preloaded information from zero.

Run this program in Administrator mode if you use Windows Vista or 7.

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